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LIMITED TIME ONLY Holiday Toddy Cocktail Kit

LIMITED TIME ONLY Holiday Toddy Cocktail Kit

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Hot. Cold. Coupe or coffee cup. There's something about the way the spices dance on your tongue and get lost in the folds of your memories.

Bonfires. Fireplace Netflix and chill. Elevated s'mores. So many things just made for toddies. I could drink a toddy any time of year but especially under a full moon, with crunchy leaves underfoot and crisp fall winds searching for a way into your Harry Potter onesie.

Last year we played with classic flavors for the holiday toddy kit. This year...we travel.

The first, Dragon Prince, an animated, mouth watering departure from Fuji apples for the crisp yet silky Japanese pear. This pear toddy brings the heat and is best served cold. The base, Shichimi, a 17th century 7 spice blend made with pepper, chili, orange, black sesame, white sesame, ginger and seaweed is complex and perfectly "peared" with a light Sake or Shochu.

The second, , is a leisurely stroll through the spice markets of Cairo. This is a perfect nutty warm toddy, great with whiskey or rum, and made with an Egyptian nut and spice blend, Dukkah. Sesame seeds, pistachios, hazelnuts, almonds, cumin, coriander and fennel make this the mellow toddy of the bunch.
Each makes 2 cocktails or mocktails and is sure to be a hit under the tree...if they can wait that long.

Dragon Prince
2 oz Shichimi Simple Syrup
2 oz Pear Cider
1 mL Wasabi Tinctire
Garnish: Seaweed, dehydrated pear, black sesame seeds

She Who Holds a Thousand Souls
2 oz Dukkah Simple Syrup
2 oz Pear Cider
1 mL Cardamom Tincture
Garnish: Almond slivers, dehydrated pear, cardamon pods

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